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Tendaudit Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support for investment projects of any complexity and at any stage of implementation, starting from scratch.

Our specialists, possessing impeccable knowledge of all branches of modern Russian legislation, will assist not only in solving problems related to the investment process, but will also help solve a wide range of issues related to the organizational structure of the investment object. In this context, we are talking about the choice of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise, about its registration with tax and other state authorities, on the development of the company's charter, the formation of the authorized capital, the development of a corporate structure, etc. Our lawyers will also help the investor develop an effective corporate development strategy aimed at maximizing economic profit and minimizing any commercial risks.

Service list:

• free legal advice;

• development of the corporate structure of the enterprise; • choice of the organizational and legal form of the enterprise - LLC, CJSC or OJSC, registration with state bodies;

• development of the necessary documentation, including the charter of the enterprise;

• assistance in organizing the personnel service of the enterprise and obtaining work permits for foreign citizens;

 • other.

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