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We know that investments in the Russian economy can be truly profitable, and we are very pleased to provide all possible support to investors who are ready to implement their projects in Russia: by allowing you to use effectively your capital, they simultaneously work to strengthen the economy and increase standard of living in our country.

Surely, the information background associated with doing business in Russia often has a critical or negative connotation, but in practice, over the past ten years, the state has been consistently working to create comfortable and transparent conditions for the implementation of business projects of various scales and directions - from research and the development of science-intensive products to the creation of large industrial enterprises, thinking over their provision with a resource base and logistical availability. In addition, the Russian government systematically implements programs of economic incentives for investors: today there is a number of special economic zones that provide for the provision of tax, customs and administrative preferences, including income tax holidays, free customs zone regimes, subsidies and comprehensive support in launching business and creating the necessary infrastructure in our country. Industrial, technological, logistic and tourist special economic zones, in accordance with their main purpose, are located in the regions that best meet the needs of target investors and cover the entire territory of Russia - from the European part to the Far East.

The success of any investment project certainly significantly depends on its elaboration, skillful use of legislative potential, interaction with federal and municipal authorities and on constant control and prompt changes to the project of its action to implement.

The specialists of Tendaudit Law Firm are ready to represent the interests of the investor in any of the special economic zones operating in Russia, to build effective interaction with local and regional state structures, and fully to realize the potential of all economic and legislative mechanisms available to investors in our country. We have a positive experience in supporting such projects - from developing a business plan and choosing the most favorable scenario for its implementation to the final implementation and further support of an already functioning business - and we will be happy to contribute to the successful implementation of your ideas.

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