– About company –

We believe that business has a positive impact on the development of the society, and we know that doing business in Russia can be not only significantly more profitable than any other of the established markets have, but also truly enjoyable. The Tendaudit team is working to ensure that your business develops dynamically in accordance with the set goals.

Tendaudit is a group of companies combining accounting and legal business support, as well as services in the field of strategy and consulting, based on the expertise and experience with a wide variety of markets and a wide variety of clients - from startups to large companies, each one faces its own challenges and tasks, and the efficiency of each one can be increased at any stage of its development.

Constant practical work in Russian conditions has formed the main difference of Tendaudit's approach, comprisingcomprehensive support with full immersion to the key aspects of your business. This approach is mainly the most effective because of its corresponding to the realities of our market,  preventing completely to isolate from each other, for instance, the sphere of strategic planning and issues of accounting support or economic consulting from practical jurisprudence - all elements are effective only in conjunction with each other neither without practical experience and an individual approach work.

Tendaudit is a team of practitioners in audit, accounting, economic planning, legal support and judicial protection, ready to provide the development of an effective model and full support for its implementation: from preparing an opinion on ideas and to submit a business plan to the taxation system work and documentary base of companies.