– Conducting negotiations with representatives of regional public authorities –

ServiceInvestment projects support Conducting negotiations with representatives of regional public authorities

The successful implementation of investment projects at any level of complexity directly depends not only on impeccable compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, but also on the ability to build productive relationships with representatives of state regulatory bodies.

The specialists of Tendaudit Law Firm, speaking on behalf of the investor, will be able to build the most effective line of conduct for the client with state and local authorities, conduct all the necessary negotiations and help to reach a compromise solution in disputable issues.

The lawyers of our center will also help prepare a draft investment agreement and other regulatory legal acts of local self-government, develop amendments to the current regional legislation, as well as coordinate them with local regulatory authorities.

The service "Conducting negotiations with representatives of regional government bodies and local self-government" includes:

• legal advice;

• legal support of transactions with regulatory authorities of state power and local government;

• drafting investment agreements and agreeing on their terms;

• development of amendments to the current local legislation;

• conducting negotiations with representatives of the authorities;

• other.

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