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The choice of a land plot for the construction of an investment object is one of the most important functions of the Tendaudit Law Firm specialists, which they have been successfully dealing with for over 15 years.

The specialists of our center, possessing in-depth knowledge of the micro-processes associated with the acquisition of a land plot for construction, will take upon themselves the solution of many related problems. Our lawyers will help determine the investment attractiveness of a land plot, resolve organizational issues, including those related to interaction with local regulatory authorities. Tendaudit lawyers will also provide legal support for auctions for the right to conclude a lease agreement for a land plot required for the construction of commercial real estate.

Tendaudit Law Firm will save the investor from possible problems and financial risks associated not only with the choice of the most optimal land plot, but also with the registration of the developer's rights, as well as with the implementation of an investment project for the construction of residential or commercial real estate.

 The "Land Plot Selection" service includes:

• consulting on the acquired / leased land plot;

• selection of the most optimal land plot based on the interests of the investor;

• comprehensive legal expertise of the land plot;

• negotiations with regional and municipal authorities;

• formation of the necessary set of documents, including documentation for registration of title to the land plot;

• support (preparation) of signing additional agreements on amendments to land lease agreements;

• other.

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