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In modern business conditions, any enterprise is faced with legal issues, from registration activities to legal conflicts.A competent solution of such problems will help to maintain the financial well-being and positive business reputation of the company. If the company does not have a full-time lawyer or he is not competent in any complex issue, it makes sense to contact a law firm.

We have been providing services over 20 yers 

On this phone (+7 (495) 109-11-62we can establish long-term relationships on a mutually beneficial basis.

We are a stable legal company providing legal support for business in various sectors of economic and business activities. The experienced professionals of various profiles are in our team who are familiar not only with theoretical legal aspects, but also with judicial practice. This allows you to solve even the most complex problems completely quickly.

Legal issues in the operation of company

We will help you to resolve legal issues that may arise carrying out business activities:

• development and analysis of constituent documents, time limit, job descriptions;

• drawing up business contracts;

• preparation of a comprehensive legal opinion on an upcoming transaction with an assessment of legal risks;

• conclusion of an agreement with a new partner with preliminary participation in the negotiation process;

• registration of purchase and sale transactions, long-term lease of commercial real estate;

• correspondence with contractors and government organizations;

• debt collection;

• representation of interests in relations with regulatory authorities and departments;

• appeal against illegal decisions of regulatory authorities;

• filing legal claims;

• representation in courts;

• oral and written legal advice on current legislation with the provision of expert opinions.

If you need legal services quite often, it is more convenient and more profitable to conclude an agreement for complex subscription legal services to your business.

Benefits of legal outsourcing

Legal outsourcing is the best choice for those companies constantly faced with legal problems by the nature of their activities, but at the same time, it goes beyond their core business. The Civil Code of the Russian Federation regulates the provision of such services, namely on a contractual basis.


Within the framework of full legal support for business, a whole lawyers’ staff works on the client's problems, each one is competent in a specific area. This allows finding the optimal solution to both the simplest and the most complex problem.

Communication with lawyers is carried out at any time by the phone, e-mail or using other modern means of communication.

Consultations by phone: +7 (495) 109-11-62 until 20:00 seven days a week.