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11 January 2021
Legal support for the construction of office buildings: reducing financial risks

Large commercial companies, financial institutions and holding companies prefer to have their own office building. The following factors speak in favor of this decision:

The construction of an office building is always an image project, as the object will become the “face” of the company;

This is an evidence of the company's financial health and success in the market; Possibility at the stage of development of project documentation to provide for the layout of the building and the placement of additional facilities, taking into account the specifics of the company's activities;

The presence of a separate parking lot, the possibility of organizing your own security system, carrying out various events inside the building, etc. Legal aspects of building your own office Acquisition of land for commercial construction of office buildings is a complex legal procedure. Only at this stage it will be necessary to prepare a whole package of documents, including for the purchase / lease of land, conduct geological, geodetic and environmental surveys, obtain a DPLP and the construction permit itself. How to speed up this process and reduce financial risks in the construction of offices, prefabricated buildings and other large facilities? Dmitry Gorbunov, Managing Partner of Tendaudit Law Firm, who has been providing legal support for construction for over 15 years, talks about this. His professional experience shows that the involvement of lawyers to support the process of construction of office buildings allows them to delegate all issues related to the formalization of the structure of the entire process and the distribution of responsibility between the participants in the construction. This means that lawyers: ensure that all documents comply with the requirements of Art. 51 of the City Planning Code (examination of surveys and project documentation, registration of documents with various government agencies, obtaining a building permit, etc.);

if it is necessary, they will assist in coordination with Rosnedra, Rosaviatsiya, Rospotrebnadzor, obtaining technical conditions for joining the highway, etc. formalize the project structure in contracts and assign responsibility;

will introduce obligations for disruption of construction deadlines and, if it is necessary, will defend the interests of the client in court. Legal support of construction is a guarantee of attracting reliable contractors and successful approval of all documents, as well as minimizing financial risks.